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 Quality Machinery reliability solutions for over twenty  years

  Today's production and financial challenges have made it vital for
  manufacturer's to know the current operating condition and availability
  of their critical production equipment.

  Spectrum Vibration Services has been providing this valuable information 
  for over twenty years.  Using the latest CBM, ICM and balancing    
  technologies, we help our customers understand where they are today,
  where the're headed tomorrow and what can be done to make the        
  journey as productive and efficient as possible.

  Our consultative approach is designed to help customers understand:

  • which CBM/PDM technologies are appropriate to use based on the
    machinery type and process role
  • proper data sampling intervals to indicate machinery faults in advance
    of failure
  • how to formulate a strategy to deliver real results and maximum impact
    for the dollars invested

       The bottom-line results can be staggering:

  • Increased up time
  • Decreased maintenance and operating costs
  • Smoother operating machinery
  • Improved plant safety

Spectrum Vibration Services Inc.
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Spectrum Vibration Services Inc.